UVC – Underwater Vehicle Console Program
User connects to AUV using remote desktop and does all operations from the UVC program.

Easy Mission execution: Load and play
Step 1: Load Mission   Step 2: Start Mission


Load and Subset Missions
UVC provides a feature to subset missions on the fly. You can finish partial missions another day.

Data Logger
UVC’s flexible data loging engine lets you select parameters to be logged and the interval. User software on the remote helm can log 12 custom parameters as well.

UVC Safety Rules
The Safety Rules are a set of guidelines that the vehicle follows in order to remove or prevent the vehicle from dangerous situations. The user has full control over the safety rules, which determines the vehicles behavior in a event of a hazardous situation.

Manual Mode
The Manual Mode feature allows the user to manually drive the Iver2 when the vehicle is within WiFi range. Using a virtual joystick the user can drive the vehicle from it’s park point to a pickup point.

View Instruments
The vehicle’s sensor readings are displayed in the Instruments panel. The Iver2’s devices such as the GPS, Batteries, Compass, and the Altimeter can be checked to ensure the sensors are working properly