Step 1:Upload sonar files from AUV to SonarMosaic program

  • The raw side scan files are downloaded from the vehicle through WiFi on to your PC or from a flash drive
  • After the files have been downloaded open the SonarMosaic program and load the Side Scan files

Batch process all files in one step

  • The SonarMosaic program will process all the sonar files and produce geo-referenced TIFF files or KMZ files for Google Earth

Step 2:Open the mission and add the sonar images - Overlay TIFF files

  • geo-referenced sonar files are layered on the mission by clicking File > Add Sonar Files.

Step 3:Open the mission file and overlay the sonar images

  • The sonar images are displayed as layers in VectorMap on the actual mission plan

Example Sonar Image loaded in Google Earth