EdgeTech 2205 Side Scan Sonar for the Iver AUV


EdgeTech’s 2205 sonar system provides an exciting new choice for Iver3 AUV users looking for high resolution acoustic imaging in littoral waters.  The EdgeTech side scan sonar is fully integrated with VectorMAP mission planning software and SonarMosaic for quickly creating multiple sonar sweeps in seconds and rapid post mission analysis. The 2205 is available with EdgeTech’s unique Dynamic Focusing (DF) and Multi-Pulse (MP) technologies, and includes its new Powered Arrays designed to provide longer range performance along with advances in noise immunity. The system (as shown in the picture) can be ordered with the interferometric bathy that includes coverage in the nadir.  The 2205 allows users to simultaneously collect co-registered high and low side scan images along with bathy data.

2205 Features Description

Dual frequency

900 kHz / 400 kHz or 1600 kHz / 600 kHz

Optional Swath Bathymetry

600 kHz frequency

Multi Pulse Technology

Wideband FM Chirp

Swath Range

300m @ 400 kHz / 150m @ 900 kHz

Side Scan Data Output

EdgeTech format .jsf


Sample Mission Data

The below shipwreck image was taken in Narragansett Bay, RI at 900 KHz with the Iver Base 42 and EdgeTech 2205 at 60 Meter range each side.

The EdgeTech 2205 System with 1600/600 kHz can also produce very high resolution images along with 600 kHz bathy coverage.

To learn more about SonarMosaic: geo-reference and overlay the sonar files in VectorMAP click : Mosaic Tool