L3 Klein UUV-3500 Side Scan Sonar for Iver Family of AUVs

  Iver3 AUV Shown with Klein 3500 Side Scan Sonar and INS Section for accurate navigation


High resolution, dual frequency sonar for photo-like quality imagery fully integrated with VectorMAP mission planning software and SonarMosaic for quickly creating multiple sonar sweeps in seconds and rapid post mission analysis. The UUV-3500 operates exclusively with Klein's proprietary wideband technology providing unmatched side scan range and resolution performance in a low power, compact design for the Iver3-580 Standard or Iver3-580 EP Model.

Klein Features Description

Side Scan Sonar Dual frequency

455 kHz / 900 kHz

Optional Swath Bathymetry

455 kHz

Pulse Technology

Wideband FM Chirp (1,2,4, 8 msec)

Swath Range

350m @ 455 kHz / 150m @ 900 kHz

Side Scan Data Output



Sample Mission Data

The below example of a river survey was completed with the Iver AUV w/Klein 3500 and
processed with OceanServer's SonarMosaic tool.  The precise alignment of the sonar data with
the map source can be easily viewed and all images are fully geo-referenced. (Full Data Set Video Link)

Example of Klein Bathy of  a dock in San Diego
The below video shows multiple sets of Klein 3500 side scan data collected with the Iver AUV and displayed in Google Earth.  The slide bar feature enables viewers to compare the close alignment between the surface map and seabed sonar images (navigation accuracy link).

The example below was captured near Prudence Island, RI and clearly shows the buoy chain  and drag marks on one side and ship wreck on the other side (Full Data Set Video Link)

 Other Missions Run with the Iver AUV (Full Sonar Record of Bridge Footing)

For additional information also visit: OceanServer's YouTube Channel

To learn more about SonarMosaic: geo-reference and overlay the sonar files in VectorMAP click : Mosaic Tool