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The Iver family of vehicles are a modern workhorse AUV designed for coastal data collection. The system is designed to give a single operator the ability to run several vehicles, including launch and retrieval. Years of development have gone into easy of use and safety features that avoid the loss of a vehicle. The system is the first affordable production grade AUV with standard pricing.

Iver2-580-S  Standard AUV

Reliable, Rugged, Lightweight, Simple to Operate, 1 man portable, AUV for near coastal survey operations

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Iver2-580-EP Expandable Payload AUV

Reliable, Open System, 1 man portable, AUV for coastal researchers, supporting user sensors and processing

Configure & Quote Your Iver2-580-EP
Iver3-580-Standard AUV

Survey class AUV with a variety of high resolution sonar options, swappable battery section.

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New, fully featured AUV with CHIRP Sonar in a lightweight package for simple operation starting at 39K USD

Configure & Quote Your Iver3 Nano

New Towed Magnetometer
EdgeTech Side Scan Sonar & Bathy
L3 Klein Side Scan Sonar & Bathy
Handheld Remote Controller
DVL: 4,6 or 10 beam with optional ADCP function
Other Side Scan Sonar Options (New StarFish)
Multibeam Sonar
Acoustic Modems
Safety Buoyancy Float
Launch & Recovery Device
Camera and DVR System
Antenna Mast
CTD or Sound Velocity
Navigation Accuracy
VectorMAP: Mission planning and data viewing package. Plan missions in minutes, transfer operating files directly to the Iver2.

SonarMosaicing: Processes sonar records for overlaying on the VectorMAP mission planner charts.

UVC – Underwater Vehicle Control system. Simple operation, LOAD MISSION, PLAY and your running. Optional remote helm/backseat driver for user extensions of the EP-AUV.