MultiBeam Sonar Option

The Imagenex Delta-T profiling sonar option is fully integrated into the VectorMAP (mission planner) for setting up sonar tracks. This option can be combined with a  DVL for improved positional accuracy. The multibeam sonar is provided as a 12" wet section to the EP30 vehicle and the ideal solution for a variety of survey requirements.

Frequency:   260 Khz
Transducer Beam Width (nominal): Rec/transmit: 120 x 3degrees
Beams: 120, 240, 480
Range resolution: 0.2% of range
Min. Detectable Range 0.5m
Frame rate: up to 20 fps
10 Mbs Ethernet using TCP/IP
Iver Model: Separate 12" wet section for EP30
Power: 24VDC less than 5Watts
Range Scales: 5m, 10m, 20m, 30m 40m, 50m, 60m, 80m, 100m
File formats: .837 (raw), .83P (profile point)
Head Adjustment : Head can be set to +/- 20 degrees – Offset
Data Sheet:

Suggested Commercial Iver2 MultiBeam Sonar Vehicle

Key Components:

- Standard Iver2-580-EP30 AUV with Mission Planning Software
- Imagenex Multibeam 837B Delta T Imaging Sonar
- 6 or 10 Beam Doppler Velocity Log (DVL)
- Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) via DVL
- CT Sensor - Neil Brown Instruments Ocean Systems Inc.
- Communications Options
     - WiFi 802.11 Standard
     - Extended Range WiFi 900 MHz Optional
     - Iridium Short Burst Data Link (Available Q3)
- Rugged Transit Case

** Note Side Scan Sonar can also be used concurrently with multibeam sonar**

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Example Multibeam Mission in a Shallow Bay

Mission Plan Highlights:
Two Iver2 Commercial AUVs configured with Imagenex 837B Delta T Multibeam and
10 beam DVLs for added positional accuracy
VectorMap mission plan includes 5 separate sweeps done at 2 knots
3-4 hours runtime for each sweep utilizing less than half the battery capacity

VectorMap Mission Screen Shot

Following the mission the vehicle data is recovered and post processed in CARIS
Software in the two images shown below (with and without contours)


Commercial multibeam vehicle sitting on the shore of the bay