Iridium Option

The Iver3-580 presently supports the Iridium 9602 tranceiver. The 9602 is shown in the hand picture below along side the Iver3 AUV Iridium capable mast. The 9602 is 69% smaller and 74% lighter than the previous 9601 short burst data model. The 9602 support is for Iridium's Short Burst Data (SBD) capability and provides location and vehicle status updates. OceanServer provides a cloud based application to track your vehicle using our custom tracking service. Operators also have the option to stop a mission and send the AUV on a new mission.  Users can have email status sent to them as well as text messages with the vehicle's location worldwide.  You can click on a link in your email from your smart phone or desktop email and see the vehicle location on a map (see additional images below).  Customers can contact OceanServer for available data plans (sold seperately).

Tracking Capability

Example Test Message Information

Example Email Status Message

Example of Vehicle Location Placed on a Map (Iver2 AUV in OceanServer Parking Lot)

Vehicle track software package for users to look up current vehicle status and historical data