Iver3-580 Hero3 GoPro Camera System

  • Automated imaging of either stills or video for a variety of applications.
  • Directly integrated in mission planning software for individual waypoint programming.
  • Intuitive OceanServer application allows the still images collected to be geo-referenced and enhanced for best possible quality.
  • Integrated LED lighting system with user selected intensity.


Iver3-580 GoPro Camera System shown at the bottom of the AUV

OceanServer GoPro Application for Image Post-Processing


Iver2 Dual Port Camera System


Example Video Mission ~ Capturing Still Images of Sea Grass

(Detailed Mission Log Data at the Bottom)

Position (Lat, Long), AUV heading and Depth data can be stamped on each image

Iver2 AUV show below with dual port camera system