Acoustic Communications Options

Benthos Modem Options:

Both the Iver2 & Iver3 units can have the Benthos ATM-900-BC1 electronics along with a hull mounted acoustic transducer.  The Benthos modem runs off the Iver's primary CPU and is fully integrated into OceanServer's VectorMap mission planning software.  The modem operates in the Band C Frequency (BC) 22 - 27 kHz (Omni Directional).  This option can be purchased with an OceanServer Deck Box that includes the Benthos ATM-916-BC1 transducer for top side communications with the AUV.  Users have the option to track the Iver, get basic state data, stop a mission and remission the vehicle.

WHOI Modem Option:

The WHOI modem is another option for the Iver3 AUV. OceanServer supports the installation of the hardware and transducer on the 2nd CPU for Iver3 EP models. The acoustic transducer operates in the 20-30Khz range for use with underwater communications. The WHOI modem option provides the hardware mounting and power required for operation. We currently support the WHOI uModem option for customers that have access to this hardware and support for the modem electronics and software for their research. This option is not supported directly in OceanServer's mission planner.

This modem requires the use of the optional 2nd CPU which attaches to the modem serial port.
WHOI Modem link:

Acoustic Modem Transducer WHOI uModem Electronics